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Each Provider undergoes extensive training, over and above their medical education, on the LipoSculpting system that PureSculpting exclusively uses for its fat removal and transfer procedures. Each of the experienced professionals that work in our aesthetic centers is required to partake in well over 100 hours of training on this specific device prior to being certified by an expert trained by the medical manufacturer.

Each Provider is also supervised by a Medical Director, who is instrumental in writing and enforcing the medical procedures and protocols followed in every PureSculpting Center, further ensuring patient safety and consistent outcomes.

PureSculpting has identified the safest and best form of fat removal and transfer available in the world – and is pleased to introduce this system to our geographical area.  This German-made medical device is the “gold standard” for these kinds of procedures throughout Europe and has, for several years, been the preferred shortcut to stunning physiques for Hollywood A-listers and the educated, wealthy elite.

We are pleased to make this same, unrivaled technology available to nearly everyone, excepting only those with medical restrictions that prevent them. PureSculpting removes the financial barriers, BMI limitations and dangers of general anesthesia associated with traditional liposuction and older, outdated procedures.

We invite you to come visit us and meet our friendly, knowledgeable team of professionals at PureSculpting Aesthetic Centers – where it’s not about vanity, but rather your health and your confidence!


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“I had an amazing experience. Everyone was very attentive and patient.”

Rosalind A.

“I can’t say thank you enough to everyone at PureSculpting! I had the liposculpting  procedure done I’m loving my results.”

Taylor C.

“I have erased a gut that I have had since I was 19….amazing results, super easy procedure!”

Brandon S.

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Still not sure if Liposculpting is right for you? Take advantage of a no-obligation, free consultation. Our Specialists are here to discuss your goals and answer any questions you have about Liposculpting. This free consultation provides insights into how our state-of-the-art Liposculpting procedure can help you realize the shape and form you envision.